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Our laboratory conducts the following tests

  1. Covid-19 1. COVID- 19 IGG antibodies(in the blood)
  2. Rapid contraceptive test- fast method (nasopharyngeal swab)

Calprotectin-the presence of calprotectin indicates inflammation in the intestines, caused severe pathologies; Crohn’s disease(CD), intestinal tumors, polyps, ulcerative processes of the stomach and bowel, colorectal cancer, malabsorption, autoimmune diseases.

Parathyroid hormone plays an important role in maintaining the amount of calcium phosphorus in the body by acting on the bones, the kidneys and the intestines with the help of vitamin D.

Calcitonin- Determination of calcitonin in the blood is a mandatory test in case of suspected osteoporosis.

Zinc- It is necessary material for hair growth, deficiency of zinc leads to hair loss and baldness. It is also necessary for the synthesis of testosterone for sperm activity stimulating. It is a wonderful antioxidant; it cleanses the body from free radicals.

Why Vitamin D test is essential?

Vitamin D preserves inorganic phosphorus;promotes the absorption of calcium and magnesium in the body;prevents muscle weakness;skin diseases, increases the body’s resistance and affects the cells of the intestines, kidneys and muscles; participates in the regulation of heart function and blood pressure. Vitamin D is vital for normal thyroid function and blood coagulation. Vitamin D prevents the uncontrolled proliferation of cells in the body, which is effective in preventing cancer.

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