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    Dear Clients!

Our laboratory started its activities since 2005 and during  has managed to acquire a lot of experience and confidence among the population. Thanks to an established work of highly qualified personnel, high quality reagents, analyzers modern European and American production, comprehensive and individual approach to each patient, we give the most reliable results. And because only on the basis of accurate laboratory tests a doctor can make a correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment, it certainly is already a guarantee of health.
We are convinced that thanks to the conducted our test results and subsequent preventive measures you can live a long, healthy and fulfilling life.


Legal status – Limited Liability Company

Field of activity – Medical laboratory diagnostics and ultrasound research.

Date of establishment – December 12, 2005.

License – M3RA k- xx-001 569, M3RA k- xx-000,695

With years of experience, our center was able to gain the trust and respect from visitors.

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